Boris & Sergey's One Man Extravaganza
Comedy, Puppetry

Join the Balkan bad boys of puppetry at the pinnacle of their careers, the dazzling lights of Hollywood casting a halo around their leathery crowns. But, what goes up must come down... hard. A hilarious and heartfelt homage to Boris & Sergey's descent into fame. The infamous pair invite you to discover what's in the box and present the debut of Sergey's one man show. But, what are Boris & Sergey without Boris... or Sergey? A lonely, rage filled ampersand, hell bent on retribution. Yet another high-octane, bittersweet, hyphenated epic adventure.

'Hilarious, ridiculous and very touching' - Audience Member from previews

Clown, Mime and Physical Comedy
Fringe World Festival, Australia 18th - 25th February

In this hilarious, absurd and often magical show, which juxtaposes themes of loneliness and belonging with joy and exhilaration, we are invited to witness one man's quest for a friend. Pathos, dark humour and Victorian aesthetics combine to create a wonderful and mysterious backdrop to a poetic and surreal journey.

'Wonderfully Demented' - ★★★★★ Mumble

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Boris & Sergey's Astonishing Freakatorium
Dark, Comedy, Puppetry
Next apperaing - Wilton Music Hall 9th - 13th May

The nation's favourite Puppet clown duo are back with a spanking new cabaret. Hold on to your hats as they delve for your titillation into the world of the macabre, watch them recreate traditional scenes of geeking, feats of incredible fortitude, endeavours of unimaginable physical endurance and formidable artistry whilst beguiling you with their roughish wit and erudite jocularity. Not for the faint hearted or those with a tendency to swoon.

'a dark little treat packed with huge and twisted imagination.' - ★★★★★ TV BOMB

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Boris & Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure
Epic, Comedy, Puppetry
Fringe World Festival, Australia 15th - 25th February(exc.19th)

An improvised crossover cabaret featuring Bunraku puppetry for discerningly twisted adult audiences. Join puppetry's Balkan bad boys Boris & Sergey; Simply the greatest vaudevillian double act ever conceived for the small stage, as they present for your viewing pleasure a plethora of pleasing plays and skits! Expect riotous exploits, malarkey, molestation and mirth of a magnitude hitherto unseen in (insert location here)

'Awe, astonishment and fits of laughter' - ★★★★★ Three Weeks

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Boris & Sergey's
Preposterous Improvisation Experiment
Improvised, Puppetry

Award-winning darlings of the Fringe and recipients of no less than 15 five-star reviews, Boris & Sergey present for your viewing pleasure one hour of entirely unscripted improvised hilarity. No tricks, no plans, two puppets, six puppeteers and an audience. 'Responsible (or irresponsible) for an hour of utter ridiculousness, drifting until they find a tangent to seize and charge off along, head first, eyes closed, hoping for the best. And very often stumbling across the best, or at the very least, a good deal of hilarity’ (

'A show that'll guarantee to end your evening on a high note' - ★★★★ British Theatre Guide

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