New Plan B Music Video
with Flabbergast Theatre

Very proud to announce this! An amazing collaboration with Plan B for the release of their new Single 'In the Name of Man'

Very relevant to the times we live in. Lovely to see our puppeteers and puppets doing their stuff!

Watch the video here

The Making of Plan B's Music Video
with Flabbergast Theatre

"It's different from any other puppetry that I've seen"

Having recently shot a fantastic video for the launch of Plan B's new single 'In The Name of Man' here is a peek behind the scenes. Explaining about the artistic choices for the shoot and why our puppetry and puppets were chosen.

The video is set to be released soon with the single already being called 'One of the best records out there'. It is a collaboration we are immensly proud of. Enjoy.

Watch the 'making of' video

Come see us at Edinburgh Fringe 2017
with a brand new show.

Boris & Sergey's One Man Extravaganza

Join the Balkan bad boys of puppetry at the pinnacle of their careers, the dazzling lights of Hollywood casting a halo around their leathery crowns. But, what goes up must come down... hard. A hilarious and heartfelt homage to Boris & Sergey's descent into fame. The infamous pair invite you to discover what's in the box and present the debut of Sergey's one man show. But, what are Boris & Sergey without Boris... or Sergey? A lonely, rage filled ampersand, hell bent on retribution. Yet another high-octane, bittersweet, hyphenated epic adventure.

Performing at 'The Omnitorium' behind George Square Theatre, 9.25pm. 2nd - 27th August (No show 15th)

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Come see Preposterous Improvisation Experiement
at Pulse Festival, Ipswich.
June 10th, 9pm

How do you close a festival....? with Boris & Sergey in an entirely improvised hour of madness...of course!

Award-winning darlings of the Fringe and recipients of no less than 15 five-star reviews, Boris & Sergey present for your viewing pleasure one hour of entirely unscripted improvised hilarity. No tricks, no plans, two puppets, six puppeteers and an audience. 'Responsible (or irresponsible) for an hour of utter ridiculousness, drifting until they find a tangent to seize and charge off along, head first, eyes closed, hoping for the best. And very often stumbling across the best, or at the very least, a good deal of hilarity’ (

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